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Presses in compliance with new standard


When presses are redesigned, modernized or upgraded, this is always done in accordance with standards. The DIN EN ISO 16092 approved in August 2019 applies with immediate effect. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK knows what is changing and is producing machines in compliance with the new product standard.


DIN EN 692 is becoming obsolete. For the press manufacturer, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, this means the establishment of new processes to meet the standard, in particular with regard to the design of mechanical servo presses. The structure of the standard has also changed: Where each press type previously had its own standard, all versions are now grouped together in one DIN EN ISO. Part 1 includes the general safety requirement for the design of all press types. Parts 2 to 4 describe the specific requirements of the individual drive versions – mechanical or servo-motor driven, hydraulic or pneumatic. Depending on the press type, developers apply the general part combined with part 2, 3 or 4 accordingly.


Focus on mechanical servo presses

For the first time, the new standard considers servo-motor driven presses as subcategory of the mechanical systems. This explains why TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK needs to switch the adjustment and evaluation for its presses with TOX®-ElectricDrive drive to the new standard – part 1 and 2, to be precise, while the conformity assessment procedure for mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic presses remains the same. Up to now, the engineers from Weingarten had shown evidence of conformity for standard models of the servo-motor driven presses by means of a type examination. For special machines, the comprehensive quality assurance system is applied in addition. "However, due to our valid type examination, the time factor October 2021 is not relevant here", says Stefan Katzenmaier, Head of Sales Components & Regions at TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. This examination will be replaced by reference to the new product standard in a next step.

Further changes control safe operation of the presses: For example, if the opening to the working area of the press is larger than 650 mm, the previously sufficient two-hand control must be supplemented by an additional protective measure. For the remaining three sides, the new standard now generally prescribes a protection. 

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